addappt Nationwide in The Wall Street Journal

On 12.12.12 .. not to mention that we have 1T, 2As, 2Ds and 2Ps in our name!

We launched a week ago and now we cant stop telling people and I don’t think we will ever - it is an absolute honor for this tiny team to be reviewed in the Wall Street Journal in print yesterday by Walt Mossberg.

Here is his review where he quotes "After testing Addappt, I can say it does what it promises" 

New Address? Addappt lets your friends follow all your Moves [the same appears here on AllThingsD]

You also want to check out the video - it was ‘Most Popular’ on

He closes with:

"Addappt is a promising product that could solve a real problem. But it can’t reach its full potential until it runs on all platforms"


and yes - we have been hoarding copies!! Did you have one?


addappt with us - get it here now!