addappt Now - Orchestrate Change

Be the change you wish to see - Gandhi 

We all created our first social network in our address books. It was information we penned down and when it changed, if and when we were informed, we erased and wrote down all over again.

Today, with technology, we continue to do the same – everything has changed and yet nothing has changed for the address book. Jorge and I decided to address that (pun intended).

We picked the address book since it is our primary social network – we own it, our relationships and friendships, free and clear. Since we use it so often, we found it extremely inefficient: 

  • Adding a new contact was painful. It was far easier not to.
  • Adding a new contact was prone to errors especially with touch screens. With names like Mrinal and Ferreira, we know.
  • We asked why the same individual contact information was manually being entered (or scanned) over and over again by hundreds, if not thousands, of us.
  • We asked why we were making the effort when the information would be unreliable soon i.e with a mobile and changing world, it had short shelf life.
  • We asked why its reliability depended on two parties:
  1. the person making the change via a mass email AND IF (s)he does, then
  2. the recipients to manually erase and type again.  

So we took on our own small mission to build something for ourselves and hope you will love it as much as we do.

By embracing addappt, you can:

Orchestrate change: Tap your fingers to change your contact information once and see it update everywhere - in all your connected friends’ address books.

Enjoy personal responsibility: Friends maintain their contact information .. not you.

Own your friendship: Have up-to-date, rich and complete address book entries automatically on your mobile, desktop, iCloud and all your backups.

Be confident: Know the contact information you have is reliable. 

Save Time: A single tap lets you text, call or email from the scrolling screen; identify who (probably) has iMessage and share contact information with new people easily.

Contribute to the ‘Stop Unsolicited Wake-up Calls Global Initiative’: See local time for a contact – BEFORE you dial. 

Share fun photos: You control what appears on your friend’s phone when you call. 

Get more birthday presents: Your shared birthday is added to your friend’s calendar.

Enjoy a sigh of relief: There are no privacy settings to manage.

Enjoy additional backup: All your connected friends’ contact info is always available even if your entire address book gets ‘lost’. Just open addappt again and accept their pending connections.  

Be who you are: addappt is absolutely private – there is no ‘’brand management’.
 There are no updates to your friends who you are connecting with. There are no status updates. There are no updates that you have changed your photo. There are no updates about which of your friends have connected with whom. There are no counts of how many friends, connections, subscribers or followers you have or who they are.   

addappt is about embracing change – change in contact information of your friends or changing the address book or changing a user’s life in our small way or simply just smiling more often.

addappt and orchestrate change with your friends – get the free app by clicking on the badge below. 

Follow us on Twitter here, @addappt, and ask any question, share your feedback and any feature requests. We like to build relationships.

- Jorge and Mrinal