addappt recruiting at The University of Washington

Our co-Founder, Jorge Ferriera is a CSE grad from the University of Washington (and a Microsoft veteran) and so it makes us very proud and happy to inform you that addappt will be there to hire some exceptional students to work with us.

We love students - the single best attribute that attracts us to them is adaptability. Not surprisingly, we seek that first and foremost. As someone correctly said, “the first 30 years we make habits and then the next 30 years, habits make us”. Students know no limitations - they do not have all the “experience” yet that makes many of us fear change .. and we like that. 

Unlike other startups, we are NOT trying to change THE world - we are trying to change YOUR world .. the people who work with us and our users.

Join us and be the change you wish to see .. in the work place. Change in the little trust customers have in any business today. Change within any business where people do not trust each other.  

To learn a little more about our values and why we named ourselves addappt, read this post.

addappt has been featured in the WSJ, NYT, CNN, ABC News, Forbes, Geekwire in the US and across the globe - read all the reviews here

We are working on some incredibly fun new patent pending stuff and we would love to have you work with us. 

Make sure to swing by the Microsoft Atrium, Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering  and say Hello to Jorge .. and pick up some schwag as well :)

The Growth Virus and Our Promise to You

From the day we got together, we promised ourselves first that we will ALWAYS treat our users the way we wish to be treated. Furthermore and very importantly, EVERYONE in our family (our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, our in-laws etc.) uses addappt.

We are a self-funded small business and we believe our business is a reflection of who we are as individuals .. who we are with our families and our children. Who we are with our friends. Who we are with people we do not know. Who we are. Period. It is personal, not business for us. Our children identify us with addappt (look at the Tshirt closely) on Father’s Day.


Again and again, we see businesses spamming the address book of their users at the expense of their trust. Some do that without informing you. Some do it with a lack of transparency and then apologize. It is so rampant nowadays that people fear touching the invite icon on apps - rightfully so. Since it is being done by so many, businesses think it is ok and it will be forgotten - here is a study that shows Why People forget their Morals when in a Group.

Growth is the most sought after metric in all businesses. Growth in users. Growth in revenue. Growth in engagement. Growth. Growth and Growth. There are various motivations for it but first and foremost, it is about increasing the value of the business which has various manifestations - market valuation, future investments, market capitalization or shareholder return depending on where the business stands in its lifecycle. To add to it, there are various anomalies like Instagram or WhatsApp which grew big fast on their merits. When that happens, often the comparables change for businesses when financial returns, new investments and expectations come into place. The race to go viral fast has now become a virus.

Everyone wants things to happen as easily as a ‘like’ - instant gratification all the time for everything.      

Don’t get us wrong - we wish to grow as well. The app is significantly more valuable to our users when more of their friends use it but we WILL NOT do it unethically and at the expense of your trust. Our biggest return is when you WANT to tell your friends to addappt with you. We believe your credibility is at stake when you recommend any service or person - we will not let you down. We also understand that one’s reputation and credibility does not happen instantly - we are ready to put in the effort and time to earn it. 

We want you to feel very comfortable using addappt so here are the steps involved (screens are from our Android app but it is exactly the same for our iOS app) when you invite friends on addappt:

1. Tap Invite Icon  


2. See a list of all your contacts that are all selected by default. With one tap, you can ‘deselect all’ and pick contact individually by scrolling or search. 

Also Note that we very explicitly call it what it is - an invite


Individually selected - you can scroll and select or use search


3. Even, if you happened to have missed deselecting and tapped the ‘send invite’ button (shown in the screen above), you will get the email composer which is another explicit step that tells you that you are about to send an email AND then you have to tap once more to actually send that email.

No tricks with apologies later. No ‘growth hacking’.


If you have not seen this interview of ours on Techcrunch TV, we say it here again - we abhor spam and we will treat you the way we wish to be treated.

We see a world where everyONE addappts - ONE by ONE.

Get the new version of addappt

We just released a new version of addappt (for iOS and Android) which is now also available in Italian (as shown in the image), Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Russian.

The new version for Android now also provides local time for ANY contact in your address book if city and country is available or manually entered by you - it does NOT need the exact street address! You can see the local time in the list view of the top listed contact (bottom of the photo on the left) and in the page of each contact on top right of the big picture.

This is incredibly valuable to those who have friends and family all over the world and especially when daylight savings is considered for those time zones.

[Note: Local time shown is NOT by location and independent of your friends on addappt]

iOS version: Download app

Android version: Download app

#AidDoug Free T-shirts are in the Mail

We shipped a bunch of our free #AidDoug T shirts yesterday .. in fact some of our users have started sending in pictures of them wearing it as you can see below!

Send us yours as well and we will definitely feature them on our blog and Twitter account. [Follow us on Twitter here - @addappt ]

If you and your friends haven’t ordered it yet, watch and share this video for the instructions to get your completely Free t shirt. Note that it is shipped in the US only.  

Media reception for addappt’s launch on Android so far

We launched addappt on Android, released a new iOS version, launched a new website and released our fun new video (a post on that later) last Tues

We are proud to report that the overall reception has been beyond our wildest expectations. Not only was it well received here in the US, but we saw incredible posts from big media publications in Spain, Italy and Holland!

We are a small business. We are self-funded. We do not a PR firm. We are not celebrities (and we have a liability in an Indian who does not code) so when we see a list of names like the one below, it makes us immensely proud of what we have created so far.

This is just the beginning of our ‘fun-o-menal’ journey with you ..  stay tuned.


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addappt on Android, #AidDoug and more

This has been the biggest launch for us ever and in fact, it might be even bigger than the launch of our company. We have a lot to share today and here is the list:

1) Meet and #AidDoug - our first commercial [Psst - make sure to call the number on the video for a nice surprise] 

addappt is now available on the Android platform. You search for ‘addappt’ on the Google Play Market or get it directly by clicking here


- Just like our iOS app, it can be used as replacement for your native address book (syncs both ways - edits, new contacts, updated info etc.) with quicker access to email, text and email from the list view or search results.
- All updated info is shown in orange font. New photos are shown with an animated label on it
- The Android version will be available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese (new)
- the Android app updates in the background if someone connected makes changes

The basics of addappt, applicable to Android/iPhone, are available on our FAQ here:

3) Release of a new iOS version 
- all new UI and iconography 
- new app icon
- We have significantly improved groupscreate the following groups with a few taps
By company name
By Family name- click here to learn more
By Job Title - click here to learn more and
As you know on addappt for the iPhone, once groups are created, you can email, text or send multiple photos.
- Better search: now also by company, city, job title
- Invite friends easily
- Better experience for new users signing up
Get the new iOS version here
4. New language for iOS (and Android): Simplified Chinese 
(iOS was available in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The Android version will be available in all these languages as well)
5. Launch of a brand new web site with detailed FAQ (and how it all works) with How to videos:
It has absolutely been a joy to create everything we have built so far and we appreciate your joining us on this journey!
If you have any questions or feedback, we love to listen - @addappt​ or

Change the Game - Million Dollar Arm

We represent and live change and so when a movie like this comes along, it inspires us. We believe you will love it too … and yes, one of us used to play a lot of cricket for his high school team :)

Sometimes to win, you have to change the game … and that is what addappt is all about as we are just getting started!

Beautiful things happen when you embrace change!

Trailer - Million Dollar Arm on Disney Video