Making the address book live

We released our biggest update yesterday and with a really exciting new experience. This update was all about making the first social network (before tech came along) that we have all known for eons, a real social network - live with updates .. Who has made changes? What changes have been made?

Now available in French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, one of our favorite feature has been “Shake to Call”:  Select one phone number (your “super-favorite”) and call it from anywhere in the app by simply shaking the phone. 

It is so good that the only downside is that you might get your spouse or partner calling you a little more often than you might want :)

To select the “shake to call” number, go to the Contact’s Page -> tap on the ‘More’ icon to the left of name -> tap ‘Shake to Call’ icon) 

Other features included in the update are:

- “Holiday Request” option with ‘+invite’ for individuals or groups: Easily request physical mailing addresses from contacts to send holiday cards (currently in English only).

- ‘More’ icon on left of name on each contact page which flies open to reveal: 
1) Add Contact to Group(s) 
2) Select as “Shake to Call” number 
3) Invite Contact to addappt 

- Badge notification on home screen for ‘Connection Requests’: See how many connection requests are waiting for you. 

- Invite by Text: Invite contacts to addappt by text or email from list view, individual contact pages and groups. 

- Improved matching algorithm to connect you with your friends

FRIENDS’ UPDATES that make your contacts come alive: 

- Recently updated contacts are at the top of the ‘addappted’ group under the ‘Updates’ header. An orange dot on the right indicates the contact has updated their information.  

- A badge on the home screen, for the addappted group, alerts you to updates.

- Animated UI when friends change their photo caller ID.

- Orange font denotes updated information.

- New Push Notifications API 

- Thumbnail icon on home screen:  tap to change your photo caller ID easily.

Let us know your thoughts - we love to listen.

Get the new version here and for more of these images, get them here on Facebook

addappt hires Microsoft’s Principal Development Lead

It is absolutely our pleasure to announce and welcome Carlos Brito to our team. It says a lot since Carlos is leaving something very secure to join us on our little mission to make the world addappt. Carlos will join us as our Principal Developer - Founding Team. 

What makes this also an incredible fit is that Carlos is also literally addappting, a value we live by, by joining our small team - Carlos until last Friday was the Principal Development Lead at Microsoft and started there 15 years ago. He has extensive experience in software development and has worked in multiple releases of products such as Outlook and Windows along with managing and growing an engineering team.


On your left in the picture above with Jorge, on the annual sunny day of 2013 in Bellevue, Carlos is a native of Portugal who moved to Seattle in 1998 to work at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer. He is married to a Brazilian and has two talkative children … just what an engineer wants, correct? Carlos is an avid runner and the Seattle rain never stops him from his daily runs. 

We feel fortunate and proud to have Carlos join us. Having known Jorge for over a decade, he is going to be invaluable in supporting Jorge who has built all of addappt single handedly so far. Carlos has hit the ground running and we hope to share some of his exciting work very soon.

Here is Geekwire’s coverage of his move.

New version 1.4.1 - more iOS 7 love and in German

What is new:

  • Design - addappt is even cooler now with more iOS 7 design elements and refined the UI 
  • 'Pull to update' - pull the the home screen down to get the most up-to-date information of your friends at that very moment.
  • Push notifications for updates - if your friends update any of their information, you will now receive a push notification.
  • International - addappt is now available in German apart from Portuguese.

addappt in German

Attach unlimited photos to email and send to individuals or groups:

addappt in Portuguese

Stay tuned - we are working some really exciting new features that we are sure you will love.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, email us anytime at - we love to listen.

addappt for iOS 7 - Unlimited Photo Attachment

iOS 7 is rolling out to millions today and in anticipation, we rolled out our new version last evening.

Apart from being compatible with iOS 7 and prettier (fortunately for us, a lot of iOS 7 felt just perfect with addappt), we enabled users to now attach as many photos as they want to their email right from their contact list. Here is how:

  1. Search for a name
  2. Tap photo attachment icon directly from the search result
  3. Pick an album
  4. Select as many pics as you want from one screen
  5. Tap ‘Done’
  6. Tap ‘Send’



Photos app in the iPhone limits it to 5 images at a time


With the photos app, it takes 6 taps just to add an additional 6th photo. With the new addappt - one! If you want to share an entire album, addappt is one tap whereas on the Photos app, your fingers will probably not work on the new Touch ID the next time.

It is perfect for sharing photos when:

- they are private and frequent (Children’s pictures with grandparents anyone?)

- your friends are not using your photo sharing service, smartphone etc. With this feature, recipients only need an email address and 

- you want to be sure they are seen

Happy addappting!


addappt in Top 50 Business Apps

We are a tiiiiny company so when we get recognized for our effort along with some highly respected big firms, it is very inspirational.

addappt was listed under the Business Social Networking category here on Business Insider.

We believe we are not just for business since one wants to keep information of personal friends updated too - their new phone numbers, their mailing address, their photo caller ID and more. Having said, business folks will see its inherent value instantly.

We are working on a cool new version so if you are not already, follow us on Twitter, @addappt, to keep current.